School Busses Will Be Rolling

school bus

The School Board of Pasco County located Land O’Lakes, FL is in high gear, getting ready to welcome back teachers and students for the 2014-2015 school year. The Cleaning Pros will say good-by too many of the students that they have gotten to know during the summer.
Hundreds of teachers have been diligently working over the summer to prepare themselves for the first day of school on August 18. Many have attended District sponsored staff development seminars that focused on new and innovative teaching techniques.
The Walmart on SR 54 in New Port Richey, is selling massive amounts of school supplies. The Office Depot located in Port Richey have the challenge of keeping their shelves stocked.
Many teachers advise parents to keep a portion of their school supply budget in reserve. On the first day of school, many teachers will pass out supply lists to their students. These lists may contain items that are specific to the content area class. (ie: 5 section binder notebooks, protractors, graph paper, clipboards)
If you live in West Pasco County, and drive to work, the roads from Holiday to Hudson Fl, will soon be filled with busses. Plan your traveling time accordingly.

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