Cotton Swabs – The Cleaning Pros has found useful ways to use them besides your ears!!

Here are 4 Ways to Use Cotton Swabs to Clean

Cotton swabs and the different uses we have for them.  No, not your ears!  You are only suppose to put your elbow in your ear. (I still use cotton swabs since my elbow doesn’t work…but I’ve heard that using a watered down concoction of hydrogen peroxide or even slightly warmed olive oil will do the trick more safely.)

However, cotton swabs are handy little cleaners for around the house. Here are 4 ways to use them to clean things OTHER than your ears:

1. Clean around the edges of sinks – Ewwww…have you looked at that edging around your sinks and tub lately?  They also work well along the edges of the counter.  A soft cotton swab dislodges the dirt, and then a clean cloth will just wipe it all away.

2. Clean jewelry – those little grooves and edges can be a nightmare to clean! Use some jewelry cleaning solution and a cotton swab to clean out even the tightest areas of your favorite jewelry.  Especially under and along the edges of the stones.

3. Clean between keyboard keys – Ever sat down at your computer and wondered where all the grime, dust, crumbs and certainly germs have come from?  Take a cotton swab to get to hard to reach areas of your keyboard. The tapered end type of cotton swabs would be especially useful to get into those really tricky spots.  They easily slide between the keys and remove everything.  It really helps to moisten the tip.

4. Use cotton swabs to clean up messes with nail polish either on yourself or on tables and counters.  When applying nail polish, it’s so frustrating when you get that gorgeous bright red polish smeared messily beyond your nail, on your furniture or even on your clothes. (Be sure to test in a hidden area to make sure that it won’t remove the finish or color on your clothing.)  A cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover is a quick and easy solution for this messy situation.

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